New pages
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New pages are coming soon and work has begun on book 2 in the series :) Stick around folks :)  If you can't wait you can find the book here

Book 2 is written
by Cremona Publishing

Now that I don't have to listen to anyone about the art of book 2 I can try to find an artist that understands the true nature and point of the book! Any of my profits will go to suicide charities, and the rest of the profits will go to the artist! It's that simple!

This is a no money upfront deal, but copies of the finished book will be sent to the artist, and stock for conventions/local stores etc sent at cost price.  Remember that all author profits from the book go to charities related to Suicide.  

Go to to message us! 

Why you should read this book?
by Cremona Publishing

You can now read an interview with Creator Stephen Paul Coffey here